Physical Therapy Energized 

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With our database creation monitored by experts in the field, we ensure that these exercises and stretches are the perfect benchmarks. And our app, using one of the most advanced technology in 3D detection, tracks your movement with utmost accuracy. From the numerous exercises and stretches, you can choose which to include in your routine according to your physical therapist’s recommendations, allowing the program to be more fitted towards your personal need.



Our product offers videos, tracker and movement detection all in one making your physical therapy workouts easier than ever.


Most people return to physical therapy as their injury return or the injury affects another body part due to a failure of following the physical therapist’s rehabilitation routine. Our product allows an interactive way for users to perform these workouts, incentivising them to follow through. Not only is it time consuming, physical therapy is expensive. Our product offers an affordable and effective solution to your problem.




We are a group of high school entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving real-world problems. Our mission is to put runners with knee problems back in control of their bodies.

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